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How to disable the flickering of video upon preview
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  • Applicable To: Creative Senz3D (VF0780), Live! Cam Connect HD 1080 (VF0760), Live! Cam Sync HD (VF0770), Live! Cam inPerson HD (VF0720), Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080 (VF0680), Live! Cam Socialize HD AF (VF0690), Live! Cam Socialize HD (VF0610), Live! Cam Socialize (VF0640), Live! Cam Chat HD (VF0700), Live! Cam Chat IM (VF0530), Live! Cam Sync (VF0520), Live! Cam Optia AF (VF0280), Live! Cam Video IM Ultra (VF0415), Live! Cam Notebook Pro (VF0400).
  • This article provides the three different ways to stop your video from flickering. Refer to this article whenever the video flickers upon preview.

Video flickering can be easily fixed by following the recommended settings:

  1. If your current Flicker Control setting is set at 50Hz, switch it to 60Hz.
  2. If your current Flicker Control setting is set at 60Hz, switch it to 50Hz.

There are three ways to stop your video from flickering: via the Snapshot button, the Live! Central 3, or through the settings of your Instant Messaging Application.

Snapshot button:

This method is only applicable for webcams that have a snapshot button.

To stop your video from flickering, press and hold the Snapshot button while connecting your webcam to your computer. Release the button when the power LED lights up.

Live! Central 3:

On the right panel of the Live! Central 3, adjust the Flicker Control under the Settings > Picture Control.

Instant Messaging Application:

In this example, we used Skype with the Live! Cam Connect HD 1080. For other Instant Messaging applications, please refer to your software help guide on how to adjust the Flicker control.

  1. Launch and sign in to Skype.
  2. Go to Tools > Options > Video Settings.
  3. Click the Webcam settings button.

  4. Change the PowerLine Frequency (Anti Flicker) based on the recommended settings mentioned above. Click Apply and then click OK.

Should you require further assistance, please contact Creative Technical Support.

Last Updated: September 11, 2013

If you require further assistance, please send an email to technical support.

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