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Sound BlasterX H5 / H7: Inserting microphone boom
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  • Applicable To: Sound BlasterX H5, Sound BlasterX H7
  • This article shows how to insert the microphone boom to the headset.
    1. Twist the tip of the boom microphone input (with the red marking) facing the user's mouth.
      This is to prevent the microphone input from sounding distant and noisy.
      If there is popping sound, cover the microphone with its microphone windshield.

    2. Locate the left earcup of the Sound BlasterX H5 / H7. Refer to the label "L" on the inner side of the headband.

    3. Locate the mic jack of the Sound BlasterX H5 / H7 at the left earcup.

    4. Align the plug of the microphone boom to the mic jack of the Sound BlasterX H5 / H7's left earcup.

    5. Make sure the highlighted grooves are aligned before the plug-in.

    6. Ensure the microphone boom is securely plugged in as shown.

    7. The microphone boom is connected to the Sound BlasterX H5 / H7.

    8. Ensure that the switch on the inline remote control is switched on with the switch pushed up.

    Last Updated: April 12, 2016

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