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Sound BlasterX H7: X-Plus Configurator
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  • Applicable To: Sound BlasterX H7 (GH0330)
  • This article provides information on the X-Plus Mode Configurator.

The X-Plus Configurator (Windows platform) is a software utility that loads gaming audio profiles into the Sound BlasterX H7 and Sound BlasterX G1.

Without any software installation, users can connect the Sound BlasterX H7 / Sound BlasterX G1 on other computers via its loaded gaming audio profile.

The X-Plus Configurator has the option to load the PlayStation®4 profile which addresses the audio channel swap experienced in the PlayStation®4.

Note: The BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro will take precedence and it cannot be used concurrently with the X-Plus Configurator. The BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro settings will be disabled when the X-Plus Configurator is launched.

The X-Plus Configurator for the Sound BlasterX H7 can be downloaded from here.

Last Updated: February 07, 2017

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Note: Product specification, technical or troubleshooting information are subjected to change. This is due to changes and/or updates in the new firmware/driver releases. Please refer to the web release notes in the download section for details.


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