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Live! Cam Chat HD: Product Parts
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  • Applicable to: Live! Cam Chat HD (VF0700, VF0790)
  • This article shows the different parts of the Live! Cam Chat HD.

Component Description
1. Snapshot button For VF0700 and VF0790 - Captures still pictures and start/stop video recording. (works with Live! Central Lite application)*.
For VF0700 only - Launches a list of your Windows Live Messenger frequently called online contacts.
2. Yellow Power LED Lights up when powered ON and turns OFF after five seconds when not in use. It also lights up when performing video or audio streaming/recording.
3. Noise-Cancelling Microphone Captures audio clearly during video chats.
4. Hinged Lever Mounts your Live! Cam securely on the Notebook and Desktop's LCD displays.
5. USB cable Connects to your computer's USB port.


  • In the Live! Central Lite application, there is an option to change the folder location of your photos and videos.

  • For the Snapshot button to work, the custom driver of the webcam has to be installed which can be downloaded from

Last Updated: June 27, 2016

If you require further assistance, please send an email to technical support.

Note: Product specification, technical or troubleshooting information are subjected to change. This is due to changes and/or updates in the new firmware/driver releases. Please refer to the web release notes in the download section for details.


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