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Noises heard when moving around with earphones/headphones
Keywords/keyphrases: microphonics, rubbing with clothing, rubbing with jacket, rub against the wires, rustling in ears


  • Applicable To: Earphones/Headphones
  • This article shows how to determine the possible noise source and how to minimize the noise due to microphonics.

How to determine if noise is due to microphonics?

Unplug the earphones/headphones from the audio source and try to rub the cables against your clothing or any other material. If noises are heard when the cables brush up against any material, this is called microphonics.

How to reduce microphonics:

  1. Use a headphones clothing clip/shirt clip to secure both cables of the earphones/headphones to the clothing. The clip will help absorb most of the microphonics noise and it is recommended to place the clip around the collar area.

  2. Wear the earphones/headphones with the cables behind the neck.

  3. Wear the earphones over your ears. Turn the earphones up and wrap the cables over your ears (this method may not be suitable for certain model due to its design).

Generally, cables generate microphonics when rubbed against other materials, this is not unique to Creative's products only.

Last Updated: August 30, 2016

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