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Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08: Product Specification
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  • Applicable to: Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08 (GP0060)
  • This article shows the technical specifications of the Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08.

 Model Number:
With cable & wrist rest: 1288g / 45.4oz
With cable, without wrist rest:1182g / 41.7oz
 Dimensions (H x W x D):
(215 x 465 x 37.6)mm (with wrist rest)
(149 x 465 x 37.6)mm (without wrist rest)
 USB Connection:
Dual Type-A USB connectors
Support up to USB 3.0 connection
High Speed USB 2.0 pass-through port
 Cable length:
2m (tethered; braided cable)
 Key Switches:
Omron PRES (Perceive-React-Execute Switches)
26 rollover keys (independent scanned key)
Double cross-point technology (for fail-safe contacts)
Durability: up to 70 million actuations
Actuation Force: 45g
Actuation distance: 1.5mm
Total travel distance: 3.5mm

Last Updated: December 06, 2016

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Note: Product specification, technical or troubleshooting information are subjected to change. This is due to changes and/or updates in the new firmware/driver releases. Please refer to the web release notes in the download section for details.


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