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Safe Hearing Practices
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  • Creative MP3 players are designed to reach high volume levels when used with external speakers. However, it is not recommended to listen to music under the same high volume levels whenever you are listening via earphones/headphones. This is to prevent long-term effects such as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).
  • Whenever you hear the *safety beep*, refrain from increasing your volume level at this point. Please refer to the following guidelines to ensure your safe listening experience.
  1. When listening to music or video with earphones or headphones, it is recommended to keep the volume under 85db.
  2. Limit your exposure to volume levels of 85db or more.
  3. Take periodic 15-minute quiet breaks when exposing your ears to 85db or more.
Examples of Hearing Risk by Activity:
Watch ticking 20dB
Normal Conversation 60dB
Ringing telephone 80dB

Risks of Hearing Damage Starts Here:
Subways 90dB
Rock Concert 100dB
Personal Stereos at high volume (with earbuds or headphones) 110dB
Jet engine at takeoff 140dB

    Practical Rule:

    When you are listening to your music with your earphones or headphones, there are two indications that your music is too loud and put you at risk of having hearing ailments:
    - Your peers can hear your music
    - If your hearing is completely isolated from external sounds.
    Note: Above indication is not applicable to headphones/earphones with noise cancellation feature.
    Last Updated: May 09, 2013

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