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Finding the Serial Number of a Creative Soundcard
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  • The Creative soundcard model number is usually in the format SBxxxx (new models) or CTxxxx (old models) where xxxx are numerical digits.

A. Internal Sound Blaster

For Creative internal soundcards, the serial number is located at the bottom of the card when it is being turned around. The sound card has to be removed from PC in order to obtain the product serial number.

Front view

Back View

Detailed view

B. Internal Sound Blaster I/O console

The product serial number of an I/O console is located at the bottom of the unit. The I/O console may need to be removed from the computer’s drive bay in order to access the product serial number.

Top/Front view

Bottom view

C. External Sound Blaster

For Creative external sound devices, the product model and serial number is usually located at the bottom of the unit.

Top/Front View

Bottom View

Top/Front and Bottom View

Sometimes due to the unit size, only the model number is available at the back of the device. The product serial number can be obtained on the product leaflet or on the packaging box.

D. Sound Blaster Wireless

Sound Blaster Wireless consists of a Transmitter with one or more wireless Receiver(s). The product model and serial number are located at the bottom of both the Transmitter and Receiver units.

Sound Blaster Wireless Transmitter (Bottom View)

Sound Blaster Wireless Receiver (Bottom View)

Last Updated: June 30, 2015

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