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Creative Live! Cam Connect HD - Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Applicable To: Live! Cam Connect HD (VF0750)
  • Refer to this article for a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Creative Live! Cam Connect HD
  1. What is H.264?
    H.264 is currently the most commonly-used format for recording, compression and for the distribution of high definition video. H.264 is best known as being one of the standard codec for Blu-ray Disc and streaming internet sources such as video from Youtube.

  2. Can the Live! Cam Connect HD work with Mac or Linux?
    Yes. The Live! Cam Connect HD works with a Mac or Linux as a USB Video Class (UVC) plug-and-chat without the need for CD installation. However, do note that Mac and Linux both provide native driver support only. You will still be able to stream video and adjust the camera settings provided by the Mac or Linux application.

  3. Do I need to install the CD in order to use the Live! Cam Connect HD?
    The Live! Cam Connect HD supports USB Video Class (UVC) for plug-and-chat without the need for any CD installation. However, it is recommended that you install the CD so as to take full advantage of the many features and value-added services from the Live! Central 3 software.

  4. Does the Live! Central 3 and its software work with Mac or Linux?
    No. The Live! Central 3 and its software works only with the Windows operating system.

  5. Do I need to make any settings to H.264 for Skype video call in HD?
    You are not required to do any settings to select the video resolutions or select H.264 for streaming. Skype will automatically stream H.264 with the appropriate video resolution from Live! Cam Connect HD.

  6. How does Skype video call in HD work?
    Skype intelligently adapts video quality depending on the internet bandwidth that is available. With good network conditions, High Quality Video calls can be established approximately within a minute, or it can take up to 3 or 4 minutes (but usually ~ 2 minutes) for a video call to change over to HD.

    Other factors that influence HD video quality include the availability of at least a dual core processor on your computer and the amount of RAM available.

    If the network conditions become poor (due to conditions beyond Skype's control), you may see your call drop to High Quality Video or even lower a lower resolution (eg 320 x 240 or 160 x 120). But if conditions improve again, the Skype application will automatically restore to a better resolution, even all the way back to HD video (when you have the other requirements for HD video available).

  7. Where can I find more information regarding making Skype video calls?
    You may visit the Skype support website at for more information.

  8. How do I turn off Face Tracking?
    Use the bundled Live! Central software to turn off Face Tracking.
    Launch Live! Central > Go to Settings > Click the View Control icon > Disable Face Tracking

Last Updated: September 21, 2016

If you require further assistance, please send an email to technical support.

Note: Product specification, technical or troubleshooting information are subjected to change. This is due to changes and/or updates in the new firmware/driver releases. Please refer to the web release notes in the download section for details.


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