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How to Configure Surround Sound Settings with Creative Headsets in Windows Vista/7
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  • Refer to this article for steps on how to setup surround sound with Creative headsets via Creative Console Launcher in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Refer to the steps below to setup surround sound via Creative Console Launcher for your headsets.

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound. Select the Playback tab and then set Speakers as the default device to Configure.

After clicking Configure, set the speaker setup to 7.1. (See Image below)

Note: If the game ties its surround sound ability to the number of speakers listed under the Sound properties in Windows Control Panel, you may be limited to stereo as the game may not offer the surround stream for the CMSS-3D to virtualize. This is a game limitation, and not CMSS-3D itself. It is still recommended to enable CMSS-3D as it will still offer some surround.

2. Launch the Creative Console Launcher. Ensure that the Launcher is installed by downloading the application from this link:

  1. Headset with surround sound via Entertainment Mode.

    From the main menu, select Speakers and Headphone:

    Under the Speaker Configuration, select Headphones:

    From the main display of the Entertainment Mode, select X-Fi CMSS-3D,

    Ensure that Enable X-Fi CMSS-3D is checked.

  2. b. Headset with surround sound via Game Mode.

    For gamers, launch the Mode Switcher and then select Game Mode. Refer to Solution ID: 10838: Sound Blaster X-Fi - Using Mode Switcher for more information regarding the Mode Switcher.

    Ensure that Enable X-Fi CMSS-3D is checked before you set the Speaker tab to Headphones

Note: With games that allow independent selection of surround sound, set your in-game speaker selection to the highest available e.g. 7.1 or 5.1. This will provide CMSS-3D with the most number of streams possible to emulate. Refer to your game application manual on how to further setup and configure.

Last Updated: September 15, 2011

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