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Transferring video and picture files to a Portable Media Player
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  • Note: Television broadcasters have the option to prevent you from synchronizing any of their shows to a portable device. They do this by setting a "broadcast protection flag" for a particular show.

A number of movie clips are included with your Creative ZEN Portable Media Center. The following are some tips on transferring additional video files to your ZEN PMC (Portable Media Center):

Transferring video files to a ZEN PMC

  • Install Windows Media Player 10 which is included on the installation CD or you can download it from
  • After installing Windows Media Player 10, you can add video files to the library, using the File menu.
    The first time you start Windows Media Player 10 it asks if you want to search your PC for Media Files.

  • The menu above offers you a few options. Choose the one that suits your needs the best. If you don't have a video file stored on your PC, you can download a sample video from to your Desktop.
  • After downloading this file, double click it and save the video file into a folder, for example C:\Creative_ZEN_PMC\Video\
  • If this is your only file, choose Add File or Playlist... option as above and browse to the folder:

  • Double click the file you wish to add (in this case Robotica_720) and it then appears in your library:

  • To transfer the file you need to add it to your Sync list. Right click the file, choose Add to and select Sync List, after doing this click Sync option.

  • Now Windows Media Player 10 changes to Sync view. Note that you have ZEN Portable Media Center selected on the right hand side. On the left you have the file(s) that are ready to be transferred to your ZEN PMC. In order to start the transfer, click Start Sync option.
  • When the transfer is complete , you can verify the transfer, by expanding the Video folder in the right hand side of Windows Media Player 10. Shutdown Windows Media Player 10 and disconnect the Portable Media Center. The video you transferred will now be listed under My Videos on the PMC and ready for viewing on your Creative ZEN Portable Media Center.

Unable to synchronize some TV shows

Generally you should be able to transfer any video file to the player, as Windows Media Player 10 automatically converts files for use on your ZEN PMC. However, if the files you are attempting to transfer are encoded with a particular codec, that codec needs to be installed on your PC in order for the transfer to take place; for example, if the file had been encoded on another computer that has a proprietary codec installed, you will need to install the software or codec on your PC that is experiencing the problem or download the proper codec from the manufacturer.

If you have a computer that is running Windows?XP Media Center Edition (MCE), you can record TV shows to your hard disk. You can use Windows Media Player 10 to synchronize (copy) those TV shows to compatible devices, such as a Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Center.

Television broadcasters have the option to prevent you from synchronizing any of their shows to a portable device. They do this by setting a "broadcast protection flag" for a particular show. Currently, HBO sets the flag for some programming, and other broadcasters might begin using the flag in the future.

If you cannot synchronize a certain show to your device, on your MCE computer, check the program information for the show. If the broadcaster has set the broadcast protection flag, the listing will indicate that the show is copy protected.

The link to this item on the website is

Copying pictures to the ZEN Portable Media Center

You can use Windows Media Player 10 to transfer images to your player:

  • Open Windows Media Player 10. Click on Library.
  • On the left hand side there should be listings for All Music, All TV, etc. One of the listings should be All Pictures.
  • If the All Pictures selection is not there, click on Tools, Options.
  • On the Player tab, at the bottom is a selection for Enable picture support for devices. Click on Apply then Ok.
  • Close Windows Media Player and restart it. The listing for All pictures should now appear in the list.
  • Click on the + sign next to All Pictures. Here you will be able to select the pictures you want to add to your device. If the pictures you want to add are not listed, you can add them to the library. At the bottom of the left window there is an option to Add to Library. You can either search your PC for all files or select particular folders to add from.
  • Once the items are selected, to add to the PMC, Click on the Now Playing List on the right window, and select Sync List.
  • Select the files you want to sync to your device and drag them over to the right window. After you have selected all of the picture files you want to add, click on the Sync button on the top bar. Only JPG files will be displayed.
  • Place a check mark next to each file.
  • After all of the files are selected, click Start Sync. Windows Media Player will now verify and trancode each picture and copy it to your device.
Last Updated: May 29, 2007

If you require further assistance, please send an email to technical support.

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