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Subscription Services and Digital Rights Management (DRM)
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  • Applicable To: Creative MP3 Players
  • Refer to this article for details about the subscription services and Digital Rights Management system.

Subscription services use a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system to provide legal access to entertainment content, through a paid service. Rather than selling individual digital media files, a fixed-fee gives access to a library of songs or video.

The following example shows one way a subscription service could work:

A music website maintains a library of tracks. Consumers pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to these tracks. Tracks can be streamed 'live' or downloaded to a PC. For example, after streaming a track, a consumer can download it, transfer it to a portable device, and play it later, either on an mp3 device or a PC. At the end of one month, all licenses expire. Consumers who renew their subscriptions receive new licenses for tracks that were downloaded and can continue to access the music from the Web site. Consumers who do not renew their subscriptions are unable to continue playing their downloaded tracks. These tracks automatically expire from the PC and the portable device.

Please note that the music subscription and video subscription services may not be available in all regions. Below is a list of subscription services available in the North America region.

Rhapsody | Yahoo Music Service | Real | MusicNet
    Last updated: May 27, 2009

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