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Release date : 29 Jun 07
This is a new driver release for users running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium Edition. This update supports the Sound Blaster PCI128 (Model No. CT4750 & CT4751).
Release date : 11 May 07
English only - Uniquement en anglais - Solo in Inglese - Sólo en inglés - Nur auf Englisch - Enkel in het Engels
Release date : 11 May 07
Overview This package is meant for Sound Blaster® Vibra128, Sound Blaster 16 PCI, Sound Blaster PCI 128, Sound Blaster 4.1 Digital, and Sound Blaster Ensoniq AudioPCI users running Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, who experienced distortion problem when playing a wave or MP3 file in 4 speaker mode. For PRODIKEYS™ u......
Release date : 29 Jan 09
To ensure a successful installation, the card must be already installed on the system. You are required to download the following packages. These must placed into the same directory: Creative Mixer 6.04.00 (906,973 bytes) Creative Recorder 1.04.03 (2,614,085 bytes) Creative Playcenter 1.55.06 and Creative News 2.50.10 (3,774,332 bytes)......
Release date : 11 May 07
This is only a partial update made available to address specific problems encountered such as cutting and pasting audio clips, sound distortions, and problems playing files encoded with the MP3 codec.
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