Dxr2 Decoder Board

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Release date: 20 Apr 2005
Release date: 20 Apr 2005

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Encore Dxr2 WDM Driver for Windows 2000 and 98SE

This is the stand-alone upgrade package for PC-DVD Encore Dxr2 which includes WDM (Windows Driver Model) drivers for Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 and Windows NT4.0. Show Details »

Release date: 17 Jul 99

Filesize: 4.75 MB


Release date: 13 Jan 99

Filesize: 466.09 KB

SBIDE.SYS v2.0. Latest CD-ROM DOS Driver for Creative IDE CD-ROM Drives.

Now supports DMA mode in addition to Programmed IO. Show Details »

Release date: 19 Mar 98

Filesize: 36.38 KB



Application to load real time DOS drivers in Windows 95.

Lets you load CDROM drivers when restarting in Win95's DOS mode Show Details »

Release date: 8 Dec 95

Filesize: 22.74 KB