How To Receive Warranty Service

To obtain the fastest, most appropriate service for your Creative Product, you should first make use of Creative's on-line resources to diagnose and attempt to resolve the problem.

If you have confirmed that your product requires a warranty service, you can submit a service request directly to Creative using this link or return to your retailer for warranty service.

A proof of purchase (an itemized dated receipt) is essential for warranty service. You should retain your proof of purchase for the duration of the Warranty Period. Returns without a proof of purchase may be deemed as out of warranty and will require payment of a service fee.

Warranty service is only applicable if the product was purchased by you from an authorized Creative retailer, and will not be provided for any product that has not been purchased as new or was obtained as a result of the purchase of a non-Creative product. You should also retain all product contents and packaging in case you need to return your product to your retailer.